Have a new baby or a rambunctious infant/toddler?
Looking for a proven way for your little one to sleep better, cry less, and learn better?
Looking for a way to keep them content & happy while being able to get things done around the house?
Are you outdoorsy and would love your little one to experience the joys of nature but that pesky stroller is forcing you to stay on the paved path?

If you answered YES to one or more of those questions Babywearing may be a great option for your family!

Learn how wearing your baby can help foster a deep emotional bond for the two of you, and allow for you to do the things you need to do all while baby is right there with you.

The world of Babywearing can be overwhelming! I know I have been there! What’s an Ergo? Bjorn what? Mai tei what? Let me help guide you in choosing which carrier(s) will work best for your family!

In this workshop we will cover:
* Benefits of Babywearing
* The 3 types of carriers & brands
* How finagle  nursing in a carrier
* Babywearing Safety

We will even have demo carriers so that you can test drive different carriers! Nursing infants are welcome and if you are pregnant feel free to bring a baby doll for testing purposes 🙂

$30 (Group or Individual Class Options Available)