Childbirth Education

Preparing for what kind of birth you envision, what your needs and wants will be, who will support you and how, what medical interventions you do or don’t want is extremely important in becoming a new parent.

Sacred Light’s childbirth classes offer complete preparation for your hospital, birth center or home birth. Regardless of which course you choose we will cover: the final weeks of pregnancy, stages of labor, anatomy of birth, how to cope with labor, comfort measures, partner support, decision-making during labor, and what to expect in the hours after birth.

Sacred Light is pleased to offer you & your family different Childbirth Education options to best suit your lifestyle & learning preferences:

Complete Childbirth Preparation: This class is the “whole enchilada” of childbirth preparation. We will meet weekly for 4 weeks to cover in-depth the final weeks of pregnancy, labor, coping strategies, the first hours after birth, and postpartum issues.

Crash Course Childbirth Education: This class is for the on the go parent. Don’t have a month to dedicate to a childbirth education course but need to get the basics down so that you feel more confident going into the delivery? This course is perfect for you! You will still learn all of the information from the complete childbirth preparation course, but in a condensed amount of time.

Refresher Childbirth Preparation Course: This class is for the “experienced” birth expert! Is this your 3rd or 8th, but can’t remember all of the logistics of birth or looking for some new coping techniques this course is for you!

Supporting the Birthing Parent: A support class for partners & coaches: This class/support group is a great “partners only” space to learn more techniques for helping during labor & delivery. *This course is meant to be a supplement/enrichment course in addition to your full childbirth education course

Private Childbirth Education: Looking for a more intimate course with just yourself & your partner or maybe you and your closest friend & their partner? This course is great for individualized education that allows for lots of questions and one on one interaction.

Custom Childbirth Education: If one of the above options don’t fit what you are looking for feel free to contact us to see if there is a customized curriculum that we can formulate for you.

*We also offer a special childbirth education course for Loss Parents in individual and group formats that are customized to the challenges, fears, and anxieties that come with giving birth after miscarriage, stillborn, or infant loss.