Cloth Diapering

 Cloth Diapers?!?! My grandmother used those aren’t we in the 21st century?

I am here to tell you the modern cloth diapering family isn’t using your grandmother’s cloth diapers!

Have you considered using cloth diapers? Or are you sure you want to use cloth, but are confused and overwhelmed by all the options? Are you currently using, or starting to use, cloth diapers and simply want to know more about washing and using them?

Then this workshop is for you!

Cloth diapering for the modern family will teach you everything you wanted to know about cloth diapering.  Gone are the days of poking yourself or your baby with diaper pins and figuring out how to fold a piece of cloth to put on your baby.  Today there are prefolds, fitteds, all-in-ones, pocket diapers, and many more.  In this class, you will be introduced to what your options are when it comes to cloth. We’ll discuss the benefits of using cloth, washing your own diapers and/or using a diaper service, and the general mechanics. Then we’ll show you some of the many different cloth diaper products and go over how to use each.

$30 (Group & Individual Class Option Available)

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