DoulaWhat is a Doula?
Derived from an ancient Greek word describing a woman who helps other women, the word ‘doula’ has now come to mean a compassionate provider who supports other birthing families through birth and beyond. For centuries birthing families have been supporting through the experience of giving birth and nurturing their newborn baby. Because our culture no longer easily accommodates families being fully supported during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, the concept of other caring for, empowering, and supporting these families has formally evolved.

Birth doulas offer comforting emotional support and knowledge related to techniques designed to promote progress during labor. Birth can be a positive and life-changing experience for a family as they bring forth new life.

Postpartum doulas offer nurturing guidance, education, and breastfeeding support to new families in their home. Adjusting to the birth of a baby or babies is a major life transition. It is much easier when a family is supported by someone who has had babies of their own and understands the adjustments that the parents are going through.

A doula is a mentor who answers your questions and provides much-needed assurance in a gentle, nonjudgmental way.

Why Should I hire a Doula?

Statistically having a Doula present reduces the requests for medication, reduces the chances of cesarean section, and improves the outcome for mother and baby for a healthy natural childbirth.

The presence of a Doula during labor and childbirth can:
*Shorten labor by 25%
*Decrease the need for medications*
-40% less pitocin use
-60% fewer epidurals
-30% reduction in other medications or anesthesia

*Decreases the need for other interventions*
-50% fewer C-Sections
-41% less likely to give birth with a vacuum extractor or the use of forceps

from “Mothering the Mother”  by Klaus, Kennel & Klaus

Doulas provide non-medical services that supplement those of medical staff such as doctors, nurses, or midwives. However, a doula stays with you throughout your entire labor & delivery.

The Sacred Light difference is Individualized care! We have following and many more customized options that can be tailored to fit your needs:
• 24-hour phone and email support
• Organizational suggestions
• Knowledgeable support with diet and meal planning
• Knowledgeable support with newborn care
• Breastfeeding assistance
• Light housekeeping
• Errand running and shopping
• Meal preparation
• Tips for soothing crying babies
• Overnight support
• Sibling care
• Informational support
• Compassionate understanding for pregnancy and postpartum hormonal shifts
• Lending library
• Nursery set up
• Baby and parenting planning
• And anything else you might need to make the transition to parenthood a calm and wonderful experience!