Fertility Consultation Workshop

This one-day workshop is catered to all types of LGBTQ families: single, partnered, and people of ALL genders who are looking for information about conceiving with positive intentions.

This class might be a great fit for you if…
•  You are planning to start trying to conceive sometime in the next few months to a year and you want to know how best to prepare.
•  You are ready to start trying now and you want to know how to get the timing right.
•  You have been trying for a while but you are not pregnant yet, and you want some strategies to improve your chances.
•  Your partner is the one conceiving, and you want to do everything you can to provide support and be as involved as you can be.
•  You are a single parent and are looking to feel less isolated in the conception process.

$100 per family
*payment plans available

Contact me for information about upcoming workshops