Lactation Support

Babies are born instinctively knowing how to breastfeed. Our job is to help them figure it out, breastfeeding is a beautiful dance that only Mom & Baby can dance to after practice, love, and patience. . Breastfeeding is a relationship between the breast/chestfeeding parent and baby (or babies), and the same with any other relationship it is built and strengthened over time.  With the proper support, the breastfeeding parent and baby can learn together how to do what their instincts already tell them. The breastfeeding relationship is an exceptionally gratifying one, but occasionally the relationship can hit a road bump.

When those times arise Sacred Light offers in-home and over-the-phone lactation consultations to assess and work with issues that may arise throughout the course of breastfeeding. Typically lactation issues that arise are latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production, or inadequate weight gain.

It is also a great idea to speak with a lactation consultation while you are still pregnant to discuss your breastfeeding plans as well as establishing a relationship with a trusted care provider that you can contact during your first few days postpartum to avoid challenges that many women face in early breastfeeding.

Free Phone Consultation – Sacred Light offers breastfeeding educators/counselors that are trained to handle most breastfeeding issues. If you experience an issue that the lactation support person is not equipped to handle she will refer you accordingly during this consultation. If your issues are something she is confident she can assist you with, she will arrange a home visit.

Home Visits are two hour visits that allow the lactation counselor the opportunity to observe the baby’s latch, nursing patterns, and any  other concerns and provide you with practical advice and any applicable referrals.

Initial home visits are $125, Follow-Up visits are $100, and follow-up phone consultations are $50.

Breastfeeding Beginnings: This class is for pregnant women & their support partners to learn all of the logistics of breastfeeding before their bundle of joy arrives!

Private session $45 hr.