Placenta Encapsulation


What is Placenta Encapsulation?                        

Your placenta is an incredible organ! Your body creates it specifically for the purpose of nourishing and protecting your baby throughout your pregnancy. But what happens to the placenta after the birth? Usually, it is discarded as “medical waste.” But your placenta doesn’t have to be done working just yet–it can share its incredible benefits with you after your baby’s birth. During pregnancy, your placenta regulates the hormones necessary for sustaining the growth and development of your baby.  Many of these hormones are associated with mood, energy, and physical development, and increase ten or more times their normal level during pregnancy.  Within three days after the birth, these hormones fall back into their pre-pregnancy levels.  The rapid drops in these hormones after birth are believed to contribute to the “baby blues” and postpartum depression.  Many birthing parents choose to ingest their placentas, with hopes of experiencing a happier postpartum period.

Why should I encapsulate my placenta?

Your placenta is rich in vitamins, minerals, and stem cells; best of all it was made FOR you BY you! Many people report experiencing an increase in energy, a plentiful milk supply, decreased postpartum mood changes (including postpartum depression), and less bleeding after the birth–in general, and an overall feeling of  peace during your postpartum recovery period! Your placenta capsules can even be stored in the freezer for use during menopause!

The Encapsulation process:
Now you may be thinking to yourself, those benefits sound great but I can’t over the “ick” factor of consuming my placenta! Well let me give you a little insight into the placenta encapsulation process and you will see that encapsulation takes away the “ick” leaving you with all of the wonderful benefits of ingesting your placenta! Encapsulating a placenta is a special ritual not only for you the consumer, but for me the placenta encapsulation specialist. I handle your placenta with the upmost care and concern because it was your child’s home and it should be revered as the sacred entity that it is. You placenta will be washed and steamed using the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) method, then dehydrated, and turned into a powder that will then be placed into capsules. There are even different flavor options of capsules if you would prefer to not see, smell or taste what’s inside 🙂

Why Choose Sacred Light for your Encapsulation needs?

* Devoted Service: I provide full service encapsulation to all of my clients! I will pick up, process and encapsulate your placenta. Once encapsulation is complete I will deliver your capsules back to you!

* Fast Turnaround: As I mentioned above after 3 days your hormone levels begin to drop back to pre-pregnancy levels so I will deliver your capsules to you within 48 hours to ensure that you can start experiencing the wonderful benefits of your placenta.

* First Rate Training: You placenta is a sacred entity that deserves the upmost love and care after birth therefore you deserve a placenta encapsulation specialist that has top notch training. I have invested in 16+ hours of professional placenta encapsulation training as well being OSHA-certified in dealing with blood-borne pathogens and food handlers training/card to ensure that your placenta is encapsulated to the highest standard of safety and quality.

* Quality: I use only organic products and I try my best to utilize local resources for all of my encapsulation needs.

Encapsulation Fee:
$200 includes being on call during your due date period; preparing, dehydrating, encapsulating your placenta; delivering your placenta capsules in a cobalt jar.
Extra fees apply to twin placentas and those out of our area (greater Seattle/Eastside)

You can go directly to my store to purchase the placenta encapsulation services.

Wondering about alternative payment options?  I am open to working with families regarding payment plans, and occasionally, I am able to afford discounted/sliding scale services to clients facing financial hardships; please inquire for more information.

*Optional Services:
Placenta Tincture
Placenta tinctures can provide added support after your capsules are gone! Sacred Light can prepare a “warm or cold” tincture using a small piece of your placenta. The tincture can be used in times of trauma, transition, emotional stress, and even for colds/flu.
$30 for 2oz. / $40 for 4oz.

Placenta Salve
Placenta salve is a topical way to enjoy the benefits of placenta medicine. The salve can be used for diaper rash, chaffing, pererrenial tears, hemorrhoids, burns, eczema, sun burn and other skin irritations.

Placenta Print
Sacred Light can also make placenta prints, a keepsake of your placenta preserved on acid-free paper.

How do we get started?

Contact Sacred Light by phone (206) 486-2936 or email to arrange a consultation before the birth, if possible. I will meet with you to have a short consultation and “meet-and-greet” to answer any questions you may have about the process or any special requests you may have.

If you are close to your due date or your baby has already been born, Sacred Light can still encapsulate your placenta for you. Make sure the placenta gets into the fridge (for encapsulation within 3 days) or freezer (for longer storage) as soon as possible, double-bagged in gallon-size Ziplock bags. If you are taking it home from the hospital, you can ask your nurse to wrap it for you, and you can send it home with someone. Even if it has been a while since the birth, you can still experience the benefits of your placenta. Double-bagged and frozen solid, a placenta can be encapsulated even after six months or longer.